Thanksgiving - Swimmer Style

This Thanksgiving was  a great one.  A bit different, the most, but for sure this year there was no guilt in the process of indulging.  I started the day off by going to a Nova Swim practice where part of us did the Tripe Crown part 1.  This is where you do the same distance 50 times on a 1:40.  My swim coach and I shared a lane and 75 meters every 1:40.  It was exhausting.  It's the kind of work out that the rest of the day you do nothing but sit on the coach and consume calories, because you are so exhausted.  Well... that is almost what I did.

Because not everyone can go home for the holidays there is a bunch of us on the swim team that don't have family near enough to go home. So we all make a tasty dish and potlucked Thanksgiving.  Our coach had the turkey already for us and I some how got nominated to carve the turkey.  With some training tips from one of our swimmers who is a secret chef everything came out looken good! Only difference was that this was more then just a back home country potluck.  This was gormet Thanksgiving at it's finest.

...and we liked the pots clean!